Welcome to the official website of Assemblies of God Cameroon (‘AG Cameroon’); one of Cameroon’s frontline Pentecostal Christian fellowships with over 100 local churches spread across the 10 regions of the national territory. Created in 1996, Assemblies of God Cameroon together with other national Assemblies of God fellowships constitute the world’s largest and most widespread Pentecostal denomination, with over 65million adherents in about 350,000 local churches spread across over 212 countries worldwide.

On this site, you will find sufficient information to satisfy a basic enquiry about us; from our objectives and believes, to our history and ministries, organisation and affiliations, as well as available opportunities for service and collaboration with us. You will also find resources to greatly enrich your life, marriage and ministry and challenge you to aspire and reach out for greater heights.

Also available on this site is our churches and pastors’ directory. While we will gladly entertain further enquiries about our fellowship, we invite you to worship with us in any of our churches or prayer cells, and share in that indescribable experience of worshipping God in the liberty of the Spirit and in an atmosphere of true friendship and family, regardless of your colour, race, age, sex or social status.

May you be found amongst His jewels when He comes again in glory, to gather them!

Rev. Denis ETUBA
General Superintendent.